Review: It’s 'Unknown' Whether Neeson's Latest May Reign Supreme

Liam Neeson’s the type of actor which no one can really say they dislike. Well, there might be a person or two out there, but truth be told, this easy going Irishman has a swag unlike any other seasoned Hollywood actor, and no matter what name you may be thinking… like NYC, there are plenty of other cities with a magical appeal, but when it comes comparing it—never! Neeson’s just too strong, vibrant and holds a unique aura which remains untouched.  

Other than MAYBE Daniel Craig, I don’t think there could be anyone else that would have had the capabilities to make such a somber thriller like ‘UNKNOWN’ interesting. With projects like ‘TAKEN’ (2009) and ‘THE A-TEAM’ (2010), Neeson’s latest doesn’t hold much of the upfront one scene to the next intense action-based appeal, however, does have an approach which leaves you as an audience member asking MANY questions and wondering what the hell actually happened during his mishap which led to a tangled web of convoluted story-telling! Read More...


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