Beyond 'Castle': Nathan Fillion Is Everywhere

As a fair percentage of the Castle-watching population knows, star Nathan Fillion has done some other things on television. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise that Castle cannot totally contain its star this week.

Firefly Back on TV

This week, the Science Channel announced that it would air the entirety (such as it is) of Fillion's earlier series, Firefly. The 2002 series starred Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds, a former soldier-turned-smuggler in outer space. Mal led an assorted bunch of crewmembers through future worlds that had a pronounced Old West feel alongside some impressive science fiction. 

FOX aired only 11 episodes of the show (of 14 produced), but a rather passionate fan base still managed to develop. This level of fan support even allowed for a follow-up film, Serenity, from creator Joss Whedon in 2005. Read More...


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