'The Office,' 'Threat Level Midnight': Do the Scarn


So how did you feel about "The Office" devoting at least half of an episode to scenes from Michael's 11-years-in-the-making movie? Fun or fluff? A great callback or a waste of time? Or some combination of all that?I'm starting off with so many questions because we're not sure either. "Threat Level Midnight" -- the episode, not the movie within the episode -- had moments that were a huge amount of fun, both inside Michael's labor of love and in people's reaction to it. But it also felt a little bit clip-showy: The callbacks to Season 2's "The Client," where we first learned of the film's existence, and characters gone by were nice for fans, but as a way of building to the show's emotional centerpiece, it certainly took the long way 'round.Let's start with the fun stuff, though: "Threat Level Midnight," the movie, is every bit as "Mystery Science Theater 3000"-level amateurish as you might...



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