ROYAL PAINS “Fight or Flight” Review

ROYAL PAINS "Fight or Flight" Season 2 Episode 17 - Divya and Raj deal with some hiccups regarding their wedding, Hank convinces Marissa to tell Boris about her pregnancy, and Evan learns why Paige avoids spending the night with him in the "Fight or Flight" episode of ROYAL PAINS. Meanwhile, the patient of the week remembers Hank from a painful day in her past.

There’s a fair amount of drama crammed into the end of the episode, but first, we have Jess, the patient of the week who’s drowning in adrenaline. Julianne Nicholson is terrific as Jess (someone give her a show please), and I like the initial twist that she and Hank met when both were crazed city-dwellers and her friend died in his care, but the parallels with Hank become a bit too heavy-handed for my taste. That said, the two do have a bit of a spark and I hope she comes back. Speaking of sparks, why is there no real follow-up on the Hank/Jill front? Read More...


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