FAIRLY LEGAL “The Two Richards” Review

FAIRLY LEGAL "The Two Richards" Season 1Episode 5 – The first thought I had when this episode started was – what is up with Kate and Justin? I figured the first time we saw them sleeping together they had made a mistake and were going to move on. But it looks like they’re gonna keep right on doing it, which makes me wonder why they got a divorce in the first place. Or are they only getting along now because there is no pressure now that they’re just having an affair?

Regarding Kate’s case, I understand that the wife believed her husband basically died in the accident and wanted compensation for the loss. I just couldn’t put my finger on what reason she had for the "loss." It seemed like she was chalking it up to the injury to his brain and in that case, asking for compensation made sense. But what about the possibility that that the guy had simply discovered a new zest for life after nearly losing his? Either way, I did like how Kate resolved the whole issue with them. Read More...



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