'Parks and Recreation': Welcome to Pawnee, Ben


Adam Scott has mostly played straight man to the assorted goofballs and lunatics of "Parks and Recreation," and he's good at it. He was usually the most grounded person on his previous show, "Party Down," as well -- but when called on, he can carry the comedy load with the best of them.Thursday's (Feb. 17) "Parks and Rec" called on Scott to do that, and he pulled it off brilliantly. Having Ben's past as an 18-year-old mayor/Ice Town clown come back to haunt him was a great way to bring him fully into the circus that is Pawnee. And watching Ben bumble, sweat, stammer and unhinge his way through the series of interviews in "Media Blitz" was a great showcase for Scott's deadpan gifts. This show hasn't had a real miss yet this season.We got hints of Ben's discomfort around new people last week as he tried to talk to the police chief, but it...



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