'Nikita' Season 1, Episode 15 Recap

Over the course of the few episode that have aired since Alex left the confines of Division, I've been waiting patiently, and then anxiously, for 'Nikita' as a show to grow up. It's teased out elements from other shows on The CW, elements that might be fine for 'Hellcats' or 'One Tree Hill,' but feel out of place here. Luckily, 'Alexandra' righted that ship with one of its most adult, least 'tweeny episodes to date. Its mythology is convoluted to the point of pure opaqueness, but has its heart in the right place. And that heart is broken, bruised and brutal.

'Nikita' works best when it realizes that its core set of characters -- Nikita, Alex, and Michael -- are horribly wounded people. They are not beyond the point of redemption, but they are not people who trust easily, love easily, or get to enjoy more than a fleeting moment of happiness at any moment. Each carries with them the weight not only of what has happened to them, but the weight of what they still have to do. And after tonight's episode, it's clear that none of them have a clear sense of what that truly is anymore. Read More...



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