30 Rock 5.15 "It's Never Too Late for Now" Review

It seems like Liz Lemon just can't win.

After her breakup with Carol (Matt Damon), Liz finds her slow descent into madness quickened as she dons sweatpants, a fanny pack and a chip clip to keep her hair up. Meanwhile, Pete and Frank start a band and Jack learns a thing or two about negotiation from his nanny.

Right off the bat, one of my favorite gags is a rich person not knowing how much food costs and I'm glad that it made it into 30 Rock. Jack, in a struggle to make an analogy to his babysitter, suggests a 10-pound bag of potatoes costs $400. This, of course, echoes one of my favorite Lucille Bluth moments from Arrested Development ("How much can a banana cost? $10?") Read More...



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