PRIVATE PRACTICE “Home Again” Review

PRIVATE PRACTICE "Home Again" Season 4 Episode 14 – Man, there was just nothing about this episode that was easy or particularly fun to watch. Not that I’m saying I disliked it, just that it was kind of brutal and I found myself almost glad when it was over.

First of all, when I think this show can’t possibly come up with another version of an impossible choice, they find one that I hadn’t thought of yet. In the beginning it’s about whether or not to tell a grieving woman that her husband actually is a murderer. But after that it also becomes about that wife asking the wife of her husband’s victim to help keep her husband alive. I swear it just about made my head swim as I really did feel for both of them.

Finally there was Addison trying to keep everyone from knowing exactly how her mother had died and then giving in and telling the truth. I did like how Coop was the one who gave the advice to Sam that lead him to push her enough to eventually get it all out in the open. In the end it seemed to help all of them to heal, including her father and brother. Read More...


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