NIKITA “Alexandra” Review

NIKITA "Alexandra" Season 1 Episode 15 - Tonight on NIKITA: Alex steals a cell phone for her mission; attempts to help her compatriot Irina who double-crosses her; is captured and drugged by another compatriot Vlad; comes out of a haze long enough to channel her royal Russian alter ego; and is handed into Amanda’s lab of torture.

We finally get to see Nikita and Michael working together again in "Alexandra". That was an exciting tag team action sequence in the sauna, despite all the sweaty men. Then Nikita and Michael pull their guns on each other, breaking the polite chitchat. How can two people save the other one’s life without thinking, but still not trust each other one iota? I guess their short confrontation about the mission at Uzbekistan was meant to resolve Michael’s huge resentment at missing the chance to kill his family’s murderer. No big deal. Nikita did it out of…keeping him safe. Ugh, get a clue, Michael! The show certainly gives short shrift to this issue if they just leave the situation as it is. Read More...


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