Stephen Colbert Vacuums With A Nude Model On His Back (VIDEO)

A few years ago, an infamous photograph was taken of billionaire Sir Richard Branson kitesurfing with a nude model hanging on his back.
Stephen Colbert is this month's cover boy for Branson's new iPad magazine, 'Project', which Colbert revealed to the audience of 'The Colbert Report' (Weeknights, 11:30PM ET on Comedy Central).
In the cover shot, Colbert is being made to look like Branson, and Colbert commented, "As you can see, I really tried to get inside Branson's head."
"Now I'm sure you are saying, 'Stephen, how far did you go?'," Colbert continued. "'Did you kitesurf with a nude model on your back?' No, because I don't now how to kitesurf. But I do know how to vacuum."
With that, we were treated to a video of Colbert, dressed as Branson, vacuuming with a nude model on his back.
"By the way folks, don't worry about the model, she lives a comfortable life at Branson's free-range model farm," Colbert explained, after the video was over.
Always good to know.


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