Archer 2.04 "Pipeline Fever" Review

One of the best way to get to know characters is to isolate them in the swampy Louisiana wilderness on a pig launcher (which isn't what it sounds like).

In tonight's Archer, Archer and Lana are tasked with protecting a natural gas pipeline in Louisiana from an ecoterrorist named Gandalf. Meanwhile, the ISIS drones struggle to cope with conserving energy for a green tax credit.

Archer's obsession with Burt Reynolds, particularly from Gator, was taken a step further as he gleefully steels an airboat so that he and Lana can trek deeper into the swamp. He even dons a vest and brandishes a bow a la Reynolds in Deliverance. He also sheds his usual his extraordinarily mean-but-still charming persona to just simply selfish and buzzed. He even, only after several beers, confides his biggest fears in Lana. These fears happen to be gator-related. Read More...


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