GREY’S ANATOMY Recap: ‘Golden Hour’

Welcome to GREY’S ANATOMY, the "24" edition! This week’s episode happens in real time to illustrate how an hour can mean life or death for some patients.

But for me, the most remarkable thing about the hour is that it’s the first one in…I’m gonna go with forever… that centers on Meredith. Missed you, Mer! I was beginning to wonder if the "Grey" in the title of the show actually refers to Lexie. (Sidenote: What happens if Ellen Pompeo leaves the show? Does Lexie get to do the voiceovers? Or maybe Ellis could do them beyond-the-grave style a la DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES…)

Anyway, Meredith is in charge of the ER and she’s got her hands full. Between a kid with a broken leg and impatient parents, a guy with minor but mysterious chest pains, a dude with a migraine, and a drunk idiot with a knife in his head, she’s running all over the place. As if that wasn’t enough, Chief Webber’s wife shows up (hi, Adele!) with an injured wrist. Several of these patients have one thing in common: they all seem to be suffering from minor afflictions, but in reality, their conditions are critical. Migraine guy is actually having a stroke. Chest pains guy has a torn aorta – an extremely difficult fix. As for Adele, Meredith notices that she seems easily confused and forgetful. Meredith mentions her concerns to the Chief but he’s in complete denial about it and tells Meredith that working on the Alzheimer’s study is causing her to see symptoms where there are none. Read More...


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