'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Tick Tock

As if we didn't already know that a lot can happen in a Grey's hour, this episode gave us a real-time look at one hour of the controlled chaos that can be a busy ER. Meredith showed off her chief resident skills by volunteering to run the show,  all against the backdrop of a college hoops game that everyone seemed to be psyched about or trying to get to. The patients and their issues were front and center, appropriately outrageous (a dude with a knife in his head!) and touching (a loving dad with suspicious chest pains; a 4-year-old crying in pain with broken femur) cases. But that’s not to say we were devoid of the docs and their little dramas.

Baby, Baby
Cristina cautiously let Meredith know that Callie asked her to play godmother to the latest Sloan baby. Okay... but really, who besides Meredith would consider Cristina godmother material? Anyhow, it turns out that Meredith really didn’t want Cristina to take on the mantle of godmother to any other child than the future baby Shepherd. Not that Cristina would actually step up to raise any godchildren should the parents drop dead because that’s what boarding schools are for, after all. But the cold one honored her bestie’s request after this exchange while binging on baby cuteness in front of the maternity ward window: Read More...



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