The Vampire Diaries 2.15 "The Dinner Party" Review

The werewolf chapter is over for now in Mystic Falls allowing the spotlight to fall once again on all things vampire and this means we're in for the treat of flashbacks, once again this device does not fail to disappoint.

The dinner party of the title could not have been more forced and awkward if it tried (well maybe if Isobel had turned up). Damon doesn't always listen to reason so Alaric trying to prevent Damon from attempting to kill Elijah was an uphill battle, though it once again paved the way for some banter between the two, which by now you know that I love. After the reveal from original John's journal that the dagger if wielded by a vampire would kill that vampire as well, Alaric managed to stop Damon in time making Elijah's life expectancy go up. The surprise that Alaric would take an opportunity to kill Elijah whilst Jenna was in the house was definitely a shocking but very cool moment. It's a shame that Elena hadn't read the Original killing small print that said the dagger had to remain in the body, these Originals really are a pesky bunch to kill. In a not so good 'what are you doing Alaric' moment, why oh why would he give up his ring to John, I know this might get John to stop with the baiting but that ring sure has come in handy for Alaric, now there will be maximum peril. Read More...


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