GREY’S ANATOMY “Golden Hour” Review

GREY’S ANATOMY "Golden Hour" Season 7 Episode 15 – What we learned from tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy is that running the ER is hard, even if it is at night. Although, I always thought that the night time was the ER’s busiest time, so I was not all that surprised. It is odd that the entire crew was there despite the fact that it was mentioned that almost every one of them was not supposed to be working. I guess I never really thought about how each and every one of them are almost always there no matter what shift.

In any event, I think Meredith did a good job at running the ER. Yes, some patients kept getting pushed aside, such as the 4 year old with a broken leg, but it was for bigger emergencies like the guy with a knife in his head and the guy who ended up dying on the table from heart complications. Can you imagine having to answer that guy’s phone and tell his wife that her husband had died? I wonder if she even knew he was in the hospital. I can understand why losing that patient effected Meredith so much. All that guy wanted to do was take his son to the game and he ended up dying on the operating table without even getting to say goodbye. Read More...


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