'The Office' recap: The Greatest Story Ever Scarned

Some things -- like eating nothing but ice cream for five days straight, dressing up as The Tin Man on Halloween, and Snakes on a Plane-- are better in theory than in practice. I regret to inform you that an episode of The Officebased around Threat Level Midnight, the action movie Michael Scott has been working tirelessly on for the past eleven years, is one of those things.

When Threat Level was first mentioned in "The Client," an episode from The Office's near-perfect second season, it was nothing more than a script Michael had completed and stashed away in his desk. Michael's employees staged an impromptu reading of the screenplay, which was hilarious because it was spontaneous and haphazard -- and, perhaps most importantly, because Michael himself wasn't there to witness it. Though the movie has come up a few more times throughout the show's six-year history as a running joke, it's never taken center stage again. And in all this time, there's certainly never been an indication that Michael ever meant to turn his screenplay into an actual motion picture. Read More...



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