30 ROCK “It’s Never Too Late For Now” Review

30 ROCK "It’s Never Too Late For Now" Season 5 Episode 15 – After her break up with Carol in last week’s brilliant installment, Liz has embraced spinsterhood. She has bought a cat, named it Emily Dickinson, bought a fanny pack, a chip clip and joined a book reading club reading Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express. When Jenna and the other staffers at TGS stage an intervention and set Liz up on a one night stand, she creates a showdown Poirot-style. Meanwhile Jack has to handle an overpriced babysitter and in Tracy’s absence and Pete and Frank join a band.

This season has featured very consistent funny writing, but unfortunately this episode was a dip, even with the 360 kiss featuring Liz Lemon and a male Swiss hooker recommended by Martha Stewart. Tracy Morgan’s absence due to surgery as Tracy Jordan did not cripple this episode. I’m afraid there were just a lot of unfunny lines and gags. Read More...



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