'Archer' 2.04 'Pipeline Fever' Review

I think that I just hurt myself laughing.

This episode of Archer exemplifies the show's appeal: so wrong and yet so hilarious. Archer is on an airplane with Lana, on the way to New Orleans to protect an oil pipeline from an environmental activist. He's more interested in getting drunk and possibly driving an airboat. This leads him to flash his gun, causing a panic on the plane which he settles by revealing that they're ISIS agents. In the space of two minutes or less, he's just done every single thing that he should never do. It reminds me of a friend of mine, who once spoke without thinking while going through airport security, telling a TSA screener his overpacked bag might "explode." Some people should just not talk in sensitive situations. Sterling Archer is one of them. (Yet that's why we love him.)

Once they arrive in Louisiana, Archer would rather order room service than listen to the briefing, and ends up having to commandeer the one airboat in the area. Predictably, right after he says he's not going to blow the engine, that's exactly what happens, much to Lana's annoyance. She makes him pull the boat all the way to where they need to be, while correcting all the misconceptions he has about The African Queen. In a cranky mood due to this manual labor, Archer has the best take on wildlife ever, saying that it can "suck it. Everything o ut here wants to eat me or give me malaria." I love nature, but I love that line even more. Read More...



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