'Fairly Legal' 1.05 'The Two Richards' Review

If you ever want to know what it's like to be hit by a truck, this episode of Fairly Legal will elucidate that for you.

Richard Neumeyer (Brian Markinson, who will always be "the other guy from Touching Evil" to me) was smacked by one while out with his wife Marsha, and now Kate has to mediate a settlement between theNeumeyers and the insurance company, within one day. She soon discovers that while Richard may be physically fine, he's not the same man he once was. The plot echoes the same issue raised in episode two, "Priceless": how does one put a monetary cost on things which are intangible? It reminds me very much of Richard Hammond's Vampire dragster crash and his well-documented recovery. There's a poignant story here about how Richard has changed since his accident, yet it leaves a bad taste in my mouth at the same time. His wife is understandably upset, but she's soupset that she and Kate end up pushing her husband away, which makes me dislike her a bit. At least she comes around in the end, complete with romantic needle drop. It's a better story than the last few, although not without its flaws. The real winner here is Markinson, who yet again gives a great. Read More...



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