'Nikita' 1.15 'Alexandra' Recap And Review

Nikita knows how to hook me. Last week, it gave me some of my favorite scenes ever to be had on this show, and now this. It just keeps getting better.

I have never understood the appeal of clubbing, so I'm at a loss when it comes to Alex showing up at a club to be the date of an Internet rich kid named Dustin Zimmer. It doesn't take a genius to see why Division is interested in a rich computer geek (they want his shiny new cell phone), but it does put Alex in an uncomfortable position, considering she's an ex-junkie surrounded by booze and drugs. No, this isn't awkward at all. It gets even weirder when she runs into a familiar face in the bathroom: Irina (Ksenia Solo), who weighs all of eighty pounds and is high out of her mind. Alex recognizes her instantly, and is spooked; as she turns over the phone to Nikita, she explains that while "[Irina] couldn't recognize a paper towel," she is one of the girls who came over from Russia with her years earlier. Read More...



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