30 Rock Recap: The Spinsterhood of the Drawstring Pants

Until now, the only thing keeping Liz Lemon from being a full-on cat lady has been the fact that she didn’t actually own a cat. But after her breakup with Carol, at gunpoint, she decides to make it official — enter a tabby named Emily Dickinson, an Orlando fanny pack, a loose-fitting sweatsuit, and a Chip Clip ponytail. Giving up never looked so good. That Liz is resigned to life as a loveless spinster is no shocking revelation — it’s the show’s go-to gag. That Pete once played bass for prime Get Lucky–era Loverboy, however, is shocking. (And, frankly, is a bit of a slap in the face to late actual Loverboy bassist Scott Smith — rest his Canadian, leather-trousered soul. Oh come on, you were thinking it, too.) Although his alarming resemblance to Superchunk guitarist Jim Wilbur should have been a clue. They write an inspirational new song together, "It’s Never Too Late for Now," but the pressures of nascent rock stardom quickly threaten to tear apart Soundmound and … their friendship. Read More...



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