Community 2.16 "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking Review"

Another week, another fantastic and innovative episode of Community. I feel like I’ve spent so much time writing about the series’ innovations and high-concept episodes and then the next week, Community does it again. I don’t think I was ever convinced that the series’ had a ceiling or a limit to the different kinds of things it could do or stories it could tell, but that doesn’t stop me from being overwhelmed with joy when Dan Harmon and his team pull out episodes like last night’s "Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking."

In the pre-air discussion, there was a lot of buzz about the documentary/mockumentary style of this episode and for good reason. I don’t think Community is a series that could use that kind of aesthetic framework every week because the world is so expansive and wild that the shooting style wouldn’t work. You could never, ever do something like "Contemporary American Poultry" with an Office or Modern Family aesthetic, though I would have enjoyed to see how something like "Modern Warfare" would have worked as if it were a documentary news crew shooting the "war." Of course, that would have totally undercut the reality of that episode even more than it already was. Read More...


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