Supernatural Meta Episode Sneak Peek: The Funniest Thing...Ever?

Oh Lord.  I have no doubt that the February 25 meta episode of Supernatural - where Sam and Dean find themselves playing the actors who actually play them - is going to funny.  To back this up, I'd like to present to you exhibit A: the video below.

TV Line first released this trailer that The CW will likely release next week to promote the upcoming meta episode, entitled "The French Mistake".  In some respects, it's reminiscent of both "Hollywood Babylon" and the other self-referential episodes the show has done (such as "The Monster at the End of This Book" and "The Real Ghostbusters").  The trailer shows us Sam and Dean being forced to act like Jensen and Jared (or, as Sam says: "a Jared Padalecki").  It's all so dramatic with the voice-over guy that you can't help but laugh as the boys are thrown into walls while dangling from wires and Dean freaks out when they smear makeup on his face. Read More....


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