Grey's Anatomy 7.15 "The Golden Hour" Review

"60 minutes, 3600 seconds, that’s it."

As Meredith said in last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, an hour can change anything. I mean literally, anything could happen in an hour.

In this short span of time, a lot of significant events took place within the walls of Seattle Grace. A man went from having heartburn to dying on the table in the OR.  A wrong decision by a doctor was caught and remediated. A young boy with a broken femur began surgery. An attending that is usually by the books was caught doing something out of character. A man with a knife in his head was treated, released and sent on his way to a basketball game.

Like I said, A LOT of things happened. The non-stop action in the ER was intense and emotions were running rampant.

The action packed momentum of last night’s episode was really enjoyable to watch and kept the audience involved for the entire hour despite the fact that much of this action didn’t significantly affect our main characters. That’s something great episodes of Grey’s Anatomy do very well. This was a great episode. Read More...


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