Supernatural 6.14 "Mannequin 3: The Reckoning" Review

Mannequins Are Creepy

We open right where we left off: with Sam passed out on the floor.  Dean is devastated that Sam is obviously remembering Hell (but doesn't cry the one perfect tear….damnit!).  Fortunately, Sam comes out of the memory and the boys split.

Cut to New Jersey, where I’m supremely freaked out by a possessed mannequin killing a janitor.  Creepy.

The next morning, Dean’s trying to push pain pills on Sam while they discuss Sam’s ‘episode’ from the night before.  And it’s deja vu, when one brother doesn’t want to tell the other about his Hell nightmares.  Dean is resolute that Sam absolutely, positively, must STOP digging up past memories, then suggests they go investigate the dead janitor.  While at the science lab, Dean ignores a call from Lisa, while Sam picks up an EMF trace near a mannequin. Read More...


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