THE DEFENDERS “Nevada V. Hunter” Review

THE DEFENDERS "Nevada V. Hunter" Season 1 Episode 15 – Well after the two of them did anything but get along in last week’s episode, Judge Hunter calls Nick and asks him to be his lawyer when he’s caught with a hooker and a whole lotta drugs.

Nick is flattered that Judge Hunter hires him to defend his case at first, but he soon realizes that he’s in for a lot more than he anticipated. Not just because the case gets more and more complicated, but also because Judge Hunter keeps trying to take over and run the show himself. At one point he even tries to run his own trial while in another judge’s courtroom.

Can I just say how much I love Dan Akroyd? He was simply fantastic. I mean he played a character that did everything in his power to drive Nick and everyone out of their minds but I still loved him. In fact the more annoying he was, the more I loved him. And when the truth came out about his relationship with the woman, I couldn’t help but to adore him. It turns out under all that there was a guy with a broken heart just trying to find friendship. Read More...


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