FRINGE “6B” Review

Fringe "6B" Season 3 Episode 14 - After last week’s explosive revelation from the alter-verse, we’re back in our universe to see where things are between Peter and Olivia. The previews for this week’s Fringe certainly had a paranormal feel to them, it’ll be interesting to see how the Fringe team handles things. If there’s any indication about how good this episode will be Joshua Jackson rates it a "High Habañero" if you wanted to rate Fringe episodes on a scale of chili peppers.

What happened in "6B"?

This week the Fringe team is called in to investigate the death of six party guests that fell to their death. This doesn’t sound very Fringe-y until Peter notes that the only way the people could have landed where they did was if they fell straight through the balcony they were standing on. It turns out that the tenants of the building where the deaths occurred, the Rosencratz building, think it’s haunted. Walter has an alternate explanation, that the building is the location of one of the soft spots between our universe and the alter-verse and it could soon lead to a rift or vortex between the universes. Read More...


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