SUPERNATURAL “Mannequin 3: Reckoning” Review

SUPERNATURAL "Mannequin 3: Reckoning" Season 6 Episode 14 – First up let me say how happy I am to be able to review my favorite show again this week. I actually did get to see last week’s episode but I was unable to post a review because I was, ironically enough, attending a Supernatural convention (oh yes, I am *that* big of a geek). Missing the chance to review it for all you fine folks was tough but watching it with fellow fans was a treat that I did enjoy, especially since I then got to see the boys in person just two days later and they were delightful as always.

And now on to this week’s episode. Well, after leaving us all in a great big lurch all week (my buds and I pretty much screamed our heads off at the end of the ep last week), we find out that Sam did scratch a little to hard at his wall but the tear was only temporary. I’m sure I heard a collective sigh of relief from the fandom when he woke up. Read More...


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