Fringe 3.14 "6B" Recap

Although we were back Over Here in tonight’s episode of Fringe, it sure seemed like parts of Over There were seeping into our universe both literally and figuratively.

Ever since we were shown Over There, we’ve seen the large-scale ramifications of Walter bringing their Peter to our universe but tonight we saw the possibility that our universe is not too far off from breaking at the seams and resorting to amber encasements to contain the cracks.

Playing cupid, Walter invited Olivia over for a blueberry pancake breakfast with Peter. What was meant to be a nice gesture and a step in the right direction momentarily turns out making things more awkward. Olivia feels Peter isn’t being completely honest with her. He still has feelings for Fauxlivia and thinks about her a lot. She ponders if he thinks she can’t handle hearing about their relationship. Read More...


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