'Smallville': Clark Kent will be the mask; Chloe and Oliver have the talk


We got a brief glimpse of future Clark (Tom Welling) in "Smallville's" 200th episode, "Homecoming," and in tonight's "Masquerade" we finally saw his first step toward becoming that man.Lois (Erica Durance) has been trying to find a way to keep Clark's true identity as The Blur a secret. She's gotten paranoid about newspaper layouts, and she even defaced his sexy leather jacket with an 8 Mile hood. (We so do not approve.) When she suggested bobby pins to hold the hood in place during super speed, we'd had about enough.Clark just wasn't on board with the mask thing. "I should be wearing a mask," he admitted. "Unfortunately, I've lived my entire life up until this point without needing one. That's why I've been so reluctant."In the end, it was Clark who found a solution to the double identity problem. We nearly cried (okay, we did cry, but just a little, and it was a very...



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