Fringe 3.14 "6B" Review

It's very rarely that Fringe disappoints me, but last night it did. It was, perhaps, one of the few times where the writers of the show didn't manage to keep that perfect balance of character-driven story and mythology. Instead, with "6B," the scales tipped so strongly that while the characterization in the episode was stellar, the case itself was underwhelming.

Of course, this episode had been needing to happen for a long time. Peter and Olivia (our Olivia, this time), finally kissed and made up (and beyond), which was a significant step forward from the repressed sexual tension of the past few episodes set in this universe. I found myself cheering for Peter as he gently informed Olivia that she was the only obstacle in their relationship, and found myself in awe of Joshua Jackson's fantastically understated acting abilities. He hasn't had the opportunity to inhabit a new character this season like his co-stars have, but instead he's been fleshing out Peter in so many ways that he's more three-dimensional than any of the other characters in either universe -- and that's saying a lot. Read More...


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