GENERATOR REX “Lost Weekend” Review

GENERATOR REX "Lost Weekend" Episode 24 – This week’s episode of Generator Rex starts off strong thanks to Rex’s classic brand of humor. This playful sense of humor loads every scene with a contagious energy that undoubtedly pushes this series to the top of my favorites in the Cartoon Network lineup right now.

In the middle of a battle with an out of control E.V.O., Rex gets an invitation from his old friend, Sqwydd to head out to an underground party in the middle of the desert. He and Bobo wrap things up as quickly as possible and begin making plans to get out of town. White Knight interrupts their packing to give them an assignment – to go to that same party in the middle of the desert. I couldn’t help but laugh when Rex starts complaining about a third person being sent on their mission, expecting stiff Six to ruin all their fun. It makes it all the funnier watching Rex’s expression drop as he sees Kenwyn Jones walk through the door, prompting him to ask, "is it too late to get Six instead?" Read More...


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