EPISODES “Episode 7'' (Season Finale) Review

Episodes "Episode 7? Season 1 Episode 7 - I can’t believe the season finale of Episodes is here already, but it is, and I was lucky enough to watch it early. The ‘Pucks’ pilot wraps and it’s time for the network to make its decision while Beverly must come to terms with the fact she slept with Matt.

Well, when Beverly makes a mistake, she certainly makes it count. I’ll admit it: I hate that she slept with Matt, and not because I consider it immoral (I don’t care about that) or because I don’t think she and Matt had chemistry (they do), but because I don’t just like Sean and Beverly as individuals, I like them as a couple. The cheating irrevocably changes that couple as well as the Sean-Matt friendship that was such fun. I’m also afraid this paints the show into a corner, but I’m very much hoping I’m wrong because I will absolutely watch a second season should Showtime renew Episodes. They’ve got me hooked now, darn it.

To be clear, I’m far from gloom and doom about the finale. A sharply funny network meeting and Sean’s stubborn hope that ‘Pucks’ really isn’t that bad keep me giggling and there’s a Sean-Matt scene that is hilarious as it devolves into absurdity. Because the end is swamped with emotion, I’m also happy to say that Matt makes sure we leave laughing. Read More...



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