'Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' premiere: Swimming with sharks


"The Amazing Race" is doing its second all-star edition with "Unfinished Business," which features all pairs who might have done better had there not been a mistake or some careless on their part. The 11 teams kick things off at Palm Springs. Phil tells the teams that whichever team wins the first leg of the race will get the Express Pass, which will let them out of any task at any point along the race. The first task is to search a field of paper airplanes and bring Phil "Queensland and Northern Territories Aerial Services," or "Qantas." The first eight teams are on the first flight, the last three are on a later flight, plus the last team gets an automatic U-turn for the first Detour. The teams have some trouble with acronyms, which kind of amazes us. Eventually Mel/Mike, Zev/Justin, Cord/Jet get their clue for Sydney, Australia. Lagging behind are Kent/Vyxsin, Christina/Ron, Flight Time/Big...



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