Californication Review: "The Recused"

One may have thought the opening to "The Recused" was just another in a long line of gratuitous sex scenes on Californication, but according to Hank it was "naked poetry."

When he playfully told Abby he hadn’t been fucked like that since he was an altar boy, I immediately called to mind Marla Singer from Fight Club when she remarked that she "hadn't been fucked like that since grade school."

Yet another nice Shakespeare reference was made by Hank, this time from Othello, when he told Abby he was pretty sure she wasn’t his attorney while they "made the beast with two backs" the previous night. This, of course, pertained to her ethical apprehension about being both Hank’s lawyer and lover. A dilemma she tried to fix by talking to her boss, Lloyd Allen Philips Jr. (Alan Dale). Read More...


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