CSI: MIAMI “Last Stand” Review

CSI: Miami "Last Stand" Review, Season 9 Episode 13 – This week’s episode of CSI: Miami sees the triumphant return of Memmo Fiero, AKA the guy who killed Horatio’s wife. "Last Stand" definitely didn’t start out very good, but thankfully it picked up a little bit towards the end. But man, did it start off baaaaaaaad.

First you got the soon-to-be-dead state attorney thinking the cocaine was baking powder. Really? Next we got the dying gang member telling Horatio that "It’s only just begun." I honestly predicted that line coming from a mile away. Then since bad scenes always come in threes, we get the so-terrible-it’s-awesome scene of Horatio and Eric barging into the ex-Mala Noche member and saying "We’re just here to say ‘hello’…so hello". Wow. That was so cheesy I honestly couldn’t see straight through the commercial break. Read More...



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