BOB’S BURGERS “Hamburger Dinner Theater” Review

BOB’S BURGERS "Hamburger Dinner Theater" Episode 5 – So now we know where Tina, Gene and Louise get their kooky personalities from; their mom, Linda. Tina’s got her mom’s awkward sense of romance, Gene has her love of showbiz, and there are definitely a few moments in tonight’s episode of Bob’s Burgers where it seems like Linda and Louise share a very similar twisted sense of humor.

In the past, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Linda. I thought that she could sometimes be a little over the top, but as soon as her undying love of dinner theater was revealed it all fell into place. Her loud character made sense, I embraced it and she made me laugh. A lot.

I loved that she was trying to lie to Bob about going to dinner theater by telling him that they were going to a strip club. The montage of Linda singing everything after a night spent at a dinner theater made me sympathize with Bob, but love Linda even more for her attraction to musical drama despite her lack of talent. It made me think of other animated moms in their musical moments who end up having a pretty decent vocal performance abilities but unlike those moms, Linda is absolutely awful which makes her singing all the more funny. Read More...


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