'Desperate Housewives' recap: Never Can Say Goodbye

"Leaving is never easy. But the time comes when we must move on."

The moral of last night’s episode may sum up the feelings of a lot of Desperate Housewivesfans. (Honestly, how long before "pamper the doll" becomes the next dismissive catchphrase alongside "jump the shark" and "nuke the fridge"?) But "Farewell Letter" turned out to be a surprisingly funny, poignant episode. Maybe it’s because each of our characters—Susan excluded, as always—took time to become their own shrinks and deal with their ongoing issues. The unexamined life isn’t worth living, right? Well, the TV character who leads an unexamined life rarely makes for great TV. In fact, "Farewell Letter" was such a step in the right direction, it may have gone halfway to putting this rocky season back on track.

Let’s start with Susan and work our way up. Can you remember the last time Susan didn’thave a storyline that was the worst of the night? Anyone? Believe me, I like Teri Hatcher, but damn if DH’s writers haven’t run out of ideas for her. In "Farewell Letter" Susan realized the secret benefits of dialysis. Yes, they are manifold! Like, cops won’t give you a ticket when they pull you over. You get to cut in line at the supermarket, even if your Tom and Jerry-obsessed son almost sabotages it. You even get moved to the top of the wait-list for the swanky new restaurant in town. Read More...



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