'Californication' Season 4, Episode 7 Recap

So, what happens when you have that inevitable sexual encounter with the friend, co-worker, or person from high school you bumped into at the reunion who used to look like a troll, but now has a whole "used to be hideous, now I'm hot" thing going on? What if that person is your lawyer, set to defend you on your statutory rape charge and frustrated over how much of a hapless prick you are in spite of that fact? But the biggest question of all is: How do you use the entire situation to win back your daughter and her love-of-your-life mother?

I can guess how Hank Moody will answer these questions. The morning after will be a tale of two reactions: Hank, having brokered any number of these "whoops, we just hit it" situations, will rise with a quip and a fart and be on his way, to relish in his memory until the next one rolls around. Abby, will be all wrapped up in the ethics of it, and possibly a tad skeeved when she stops to think about how many notches came before her. As for winning back Becca and Karen, the "hey I'm powerless to stop my sexual prowess" well is running dry, and with it the pity. He can only hope he was good enough in bed to re-hire Abby. Not quite your typical job interview. Read More...



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