The Biggest Loser Episode Recap: Week 4

Welcome to Week 4. Before we begin, I have to ask: Does anyone else miss singing along to the old opening? "What have you done today..." It's catchy.

The episode begins with a temptation challenge filled with tons of cupcakes. Alison, always the bearer of bad news, tells the players that there will be both a yellow line and a red line at the weigh-in. Fall below the red, and you're automatically out.

The prize for winning the challenge is a 1-pound advantage. But there's a twist. Every week you keep the reward without using it, the advantage grows. Only a few of the players participate in the challenge and as they eat, they get clues to where the magic reward is hiding. Adam finds it first and wins the advantage. Elizabeth immediately starts crying and is upset she ate a cupcake and it wasn't even worth it.

Chef Curtis Stone joins the contestants and shows them how to make healthier treats. A cupcake with only 100 calories? Yes, please.

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