THE CLEVELAND SHOW “Terry Unmarried” Review

THE CLEVELAND SHOW "Terry Unmarried" Season 2, Episode 14 - In tonight’s episode of The Cleveland Show, Cleveland becomes upset with Donna for faking her love of his special brew of coffee which leads to a chain reaction of suspicion in the Tubbs-Brown household and a series of events that threaten his marriage and his friendships.

But before I get to all that, I have to address Rallo and Junior’s b-story line because I can’t really handle booger-eating humor. Poop, fart, vomit, snot rocket gags I can laugh at it all, but the minute anyone gets a chunk of goopy dried nasal mucous on their finger and moves to put it into their mouth, something in my brain’s subconscious fires and my gag reflex takes over. So, as cute as it was to see Rallo in the shower and brooding about his booger friend in various scenic settings, and as catchy as the booger song was, and as funny as it was to have Justin Timberlake appear as a singing booger, I think my brain blacked out for about half of the Rallo and Junior storyline. I reacted a lot like Junior when Rallo flicks his finger snot onto his glasses and the little girl on the playground with Rallo. It’s one of those things that’s just a little too gross for me. Read More...


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