'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' recap: Goodbye Ladies and Victims

Well friends, this is where they leave us. The ladies gathered, the sharks blew bubbles behind them, Andy looked ready to retire to his hotel room and hit the minibar, and we must all now endure our Kandi-coated flashbacks of Season 3. Good grief, Kandi. No more clip reels of you and your sugar-soaked vajayjay. (Better yet, no more use of the word vajayjay.) No more pop rocks. No more pee pee time. Apparently, no more vow of celibacy--hey yo!

How our girls like to bob and weave. NeNe unsuccessfully tried to explain away her stingy showing at Sheree's dance party. Asked why she would only pony up a lousy $20 for charity, she played dumb. She didn't know it was for charity. She doesn't control Kandi's pocketbook. Later, she evaded questions about her teddy bear son Brice's impending fatherhood. Phaedra thinks Apollo got out of prison in May and she's almost positive they got engaged in July. So, fine, yes, she may have been a month, a month and a half pregnant when she got married. Read More...



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