Devin Kelley Speaks on The Chicago Code Character, Training

I must apologize to Devin Kelley.

The actress plays Vonda Wysocki, a key character on The Chicago Code, one of this season's best-reviewed shows. Yet I spent far too long on the phone with her last week, asking questions about creator Shawn Ryan's most well-known work to this point: The Shield.

Fortunately, Kelley was a great sport, laughing along with my analysis and saying she was unfamiliar with that FX series or Ryan's role on it when she first auditioned.

"I was so green and wide-eyed, I didn't have a clue about any of it," Kelley said. "As [landing] the part become more of a reality, though, people kept talking to me about it. Once I got the role, I went back to watch The Shield. I really like it. But I had to stop for a bit because it gave me nightmares." Read More...


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