‘Big Love’ Season 5, Episode 6 ‘D.I.V.O.R.C.E.’: TV Recap

Barb and Bill are about to finalize their divorce so that Nicki and Bill can adopt Cara Lynn. Margene still thinks the whole thing is a horrible idea, but Barb was surprisingly zen — possibly because it’s become abundantly clear that she’s over being under Bill’s thumb. She even refused sacrament at services.

Bill had plenty of other problems to keep him busy. First, he and his dad, Frank, had another fun visit, which ended in Bill menacingly waving a can of food at him. Bill was there to tell Frank to take care of Lois, who returned to Frank’s house and wasted no time slipping a huge kitchen knife into her purse. We’ll see where she goes with that.

Meanwhile, the church continued to push back against Bill, issuing a statement condemning polygamists. This, coupled with Ron’s assault, has Bill and Ron spooked — it feels like a dark and dangerous time to be within their circle. Read More...



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