'Saturday Night Live: Backstage' Recap: What We've All Taken For Granted

I did a little experiment last night. After writing recaps deep into the night, I set out to watch the two hour special, 'Saturday Night Live: Backstage' and write something about it for this morning. The experiment part was trying to simulate the 'SNL' experience of writing for nine straight hours to meet a deadline that loomed, with the hopes of entertaining and enlightening people.

Well, the Mountain Dew and Jolly Ranchers, mixed with convincing myself I was on a super-dorky mission to recreate a night in the 'SNL' writers room, could only get me so far, and at 4AM I came to the realization that this was hard. I went to bed with the "Bah, I'll just finish it in the morning" mentality that has worked, with wildly varying levels of success, for college students and jobless hipsters calling their parents "roommates" and their attic, "my apartment." Read More...



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