Shameless Recap: The Great Cornholio

It’s a grand old-fashioned Irish wake at the Gallagher home, complete with prayers, veils, weeping, and heartfelt toasts to the fond memory of patriarch Frank Gallagher, who has faked his death to get out of some trouble. In the spirit of this festive occasion, it's largely a happy, lighthearted episode, perhaps the funniest installment of the freshman show yet, full of interesting developments in Ian and Sheila’s lives. For this bunch, "lighthearted" means grand larceny, identity theft, hobo battles, and a faked death. But, after last week’s foray into the psychotic little mind of Carl, we’ll take our joy when we can get it.

We begin, as we almost always do on Shameless, in the toilet. Frank’s head, specifically, is in one, as the two thugs to whom he owes money impress upon him the seriousness of his debt. Frank sets off on a series of increasingly wacky moneymaking schemes that involve berating a Hasidic pawn shop owner ("Mel Gibson was right!"), snatching a blind man’s cup (his cologne gives him away), the attempted stick-up of a neighborhood old lady (she sees right through his pantyhose mask), and a star turn in a hobo-fight video. Too bad he can’t get a cash advance on his credit cards. It turns out, Fiona finds, he has several in the names of his children and has been wracking up debt galore. (It’s the fault of liberals, Frank insists: "Someone named Paco is jumping over the fence and taking my job!") So, he seizes upon the idea of faking his own death. And because he’s Frank Gallagher, whose superpower is successfully avoiding responsibility, he pulls it off. Read More...


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