HOUSE “Two Stories” Review

HOUSE "Two Stories" Season 7 Episode 13 – We take a trip into alternative storytelling mode as we explore all things House/Cuddy (and not much else) in the "Two Stories" episode of HOUSE. This is one episode where some of the parts are much better than the sum of the whole.

Well that was–different. I never would have expected House–I’m sorry, Dr. Hourani–to play a rousing game of Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, but here we are, and at Career Day, no less. The movie shout-outs are fun: ‘Pulp Fiction was a surprise, and I especially like the very random ‘Thunderbolt and Lightfoot’ reference, and House not-so- subtly calling Mad Men boring and going all Dr. Who with his "Allons-y" is awesome. Not so great is how over the top this feels. House telling elementary school kids a vibrator story while the teacher and several parents just make disapproving noises? Not buying it. Also, naming the episode "Two Stories" is an unfair tease: it doesn’t come close to reaching the emotional resonance of "Three Stories." Read More...


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