'Gossip Girl' recap: Get the Party Started

My mind is spinning Gossip Girl watchers. It could be all the information packed into last night’s episode (particularly the final twenty minutes which were a veritable twist-a-palooza). Or it could be because I’ve been listening to Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" for the past week trying to figure out the identity of "Subway Kid."  It’s been a long week of Googling! "Subways and Kids." "Kid from the subway." "Subway sandwiches." Who is this child of the subway? Of whom do you speak of Gaga?

Anyways, last night’s Gossip Girl was more stuffed with junk than those bizarre piñatas at Eric’s 18th bday (Who has piñatas past the age of 12?). It’s still not entirely clear to me what all went down (Who actually has the cocaine tulips?) but at least some of the more tepid plotlines (Bass Industries) seemed to be moved forward. Read More...



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