'The Cape' finds its stride ... too late?


The two-part story that concluded Monday (Feb. 21) on "The Cape" was maybe the show's strongest to date. We just wonder if it's going to matter in a couple months' time."The Lich" story, which concluded in Monday's episode, did a lot of things you would want from a first-year show at this stage: It broadened the scope of the action by incorporating some Palm City history. It made the stakes extremely high for two of its lead characters: Vince (David Lyons) risked exposure by turning to Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) for help on a case, and Orwell (Summer Glau) was literally in a life-or-death situation. It also gave some insight into Orwell's past -- her drugged-out haze might not be completely reliable, but at the very least it provided a lot more weight for the theory (which we've floated before) that Orwell is Peter Fleming's (James Frain) daughter.In short, it was a very strong little arc...



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